By utilizing its accumulated experience, DERAC develops training courses adapted to the needs of the academic or professional environments.

The purpose is to help students and professionals to acquire the necessary theoretical background in environmental risk assessment and to familiarise themselves with the  tools necessary for their application.

Your institution can benefit from specific training with progressive technical expertise levels presented in English, French, Spanish or Italian anywhere in Europe. 

Our services

DERAC develops training courses on demand according to your needs. Here below you will find some examples of training that are offered on environmental chemical safety.

  • Environmental assessment under REACH, Biocides and Ospar regulations.
  • Classification and Labelling for the environment (CLP and GHS)
  • Hazard, Exposure and risk assessment principles for the environment
  • Testing methods in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate & Behaviour
  • Envionmental Quality Standards (EQS) derivation according to the EC Technical guidance for the implementation of the Water Framework directive (2011).
  • Alternative methods to animal testing

Our experience

  • Training course on EQS derivation according to the EC guidance for the benefit of the experts of TRAGSATEC.
  • Course on water reuse to the students of the water sciences and engineering speciality at the Montpellier University Graduate Engineering School (Polytech, ex-ISIM).
  • Various trainings for technical staff and the general public in previous institutions.