Risk assessment methods

The environmental risk assessment of chemicals is a relatively new discipline that is evolving quickly under the policy pressure driven by regulation and the research progress on the related topics.


In order to improve the realism of the chemical risk assessment integrating the latest scientific results, there is a need to update or to develop new methods. Their dissemination to stakeholders as guidance documents facilitate the implementation and harmonisation of chemical regulations.


Our services

DERAC supports the development of chemical hazard, exposure and risk assessment methodologies based on sound science for the environment and human health (via the environment) for various regulatory and non-regulatory purposes. This includes revising Environmental Risk Assessment general principles and developing new methodologies on emerging issues as well as drafting technical guidance documents describing good practice on how to fulfil the obligations.


Our experience

Dr Geneviève Deviller had lead or participated in scientific working groups for the purpose of developing new methodologies and drafting guidance at National, European and International level.

She is also regularly involved in the review process of regulatory and research scientific publications.