Regulatory services


DERAC supports chemical companies in their efforts to comply with the regulations requirements, especially REACH, Biocidal Product Regulation and Ospar, including registration and evaluation phases, product safety (SDS), product defence and substitution of excluded substances.


DERAC has also the capacity to derive environmental quality targets like the Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for the purposes of the EU Water Framework Directive and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. 

Research partnership


DERAC supports your research projects by looking for funding, preparing applications for call of tenders, defining the best research strategy aliened with the chemicals policies priorities and delivering work packages related to ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment as an independent research partner.



Risk methods development

Environmental evaluations involve uncertainties and constant improvement of the methodology is needed to reduce them and reach a more realistic risk assessment of chemicals. DERAC has experience in developing environmental risk assessment methods which have been integrated in the regulatory assessment processes as supporting guidance.


With experience in educating a variety of audiences, DERAC offers you its support in training your students or your teams on the Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals for academic or professional purposes.