Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) and Doctor in environmental sciences (PhD) from the University Montpellier 1 (France).

After her PhD, performed on ecotoxicology applied to marine aquaculture in Ifremer of Palavas-Les-Flots (France), she was been granted an individual European Marie Curie fellowship and moved to the European Commission Joint Research Center in Ispra (Italy) to do a research post-doc in (eco)toxicogenomic.

There, she was recruited at the European Chemicals Bureau (ECB) to start working in chemical regulation being involved in the review program of Biocides (BPD) and the development of the EQS derivation technical guidance under the Water Framework Directive.

After this rich experience, she came back to Lyon (France) to work in CEHTRA, an industry consultancy, to prepare REACH 2010 registrations dossiers before being recruited in Solvay, a big chemical company, as regulatory (eco)toxicologist to manage a portfolio of substances mainly regulated under REACH, EU Biocides and Ospar.

In 2016, she founded the DERAC consultancy as an independent expert.

During her career, she has been particularly appreciated for her multi-disciplinary scientific expertise, the quality of her deliverables, her sense of collaboration and her educational skills.



"Provide excellence in environmental risk assessment of chemicals based on up-to-date science by supporting cross-functional collaboration between related sectors"

My previous experience in research, regulatory and industry institutions gives me a unique vision of the complementary information that these sectors can provide to perform a robust assessment together with an in-depth understanding of their respective needs and constraints. 

This vision, based on past experience, is constantly being updated through new projects, scientific and regulatory watch, participation in scientific expert groups, attending conferences and active networking.


"Intelligent management of resources and respect for animal life"

Unnecessary testing (especially on vertebrates), can be avoided by developing Intelligent Testing Strategies. Available information together with alternative methods can be used to replace (animal) experimental testing or to optimize the tests design. The benefits are a reduction in costs, in time and of the number of animals used to get an equivalent reliability of results. 


"Transparency and trust"

DERAC is interested in developing long-term win-win relationships with customers.  

DERAC applies transparent quotationsinvoicing, will declare any conflict of interest and respect confidentiality and data ownership.  

DERAC will adapt its services to your needs and remain responsive to your requests. 


Our clients come from many different sectors: SME and large chemicals companies, risk assessment and project finance consultancies, academic research laboratories, national and European government departments.

Please note that currently DERAC cannot provide services to commercial entities or interest groups with an interest in the regulatory field of REACH and CLP in order to avoid any conflict of interest with its on-going activities. Please contact us for more information.

"I have known Geneviève for seven years. From personal experience I know her to be an excellent environmental toxicologist with some significant experience gained from working in industry and in research. She has monitored complex environmental fate studies and has presented complex data to her previous employer's customers, and to regulatory authorities alike. She is at home working in French or English language."  

Steve Groome - Global Regulatory Affairs Manager



 DERAC is a member of the NORMAN Association, a science-to-policy interface with a mission to enhance the exchange of information and collection of data on emerging environmental substances comprising a collaborative network of over 80 research, government and industrial institutions. This collaboration brings mutual benefits to both organisations: DERAC benefits from the most updated scientific information on emerging substances to improve its services and brings its expertise in regulatory assessment and management of chemicals to the NORMAN community to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to policy. Its role as co-leader of the WG5 on water reuse and policy support is to coordinate the development and management of the relevant scientific knowledge to allow a safe reuse of water (and biosolids) for human health and the environment in a circular economy.




Interdisciplinary cooperation forms an important part of our mission to provide the best service to customers-DERAC partners with a network of experts coming from various disciplines.

INNOVATUNE is a science- and technology- based company that provides integrated consultancy services making the most of computational (in silico) toxicology