To reduce the overall impact of offshore chemicals on the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic, OSPAR commission has adopted a harmonised mandatory control system for use and reduction of discharges of offshore chemicals. This system promotes the shift towards the use of less hazardous or preferably non-hazardous substances. However, nuances exist in requirements by different Competent Authorities for the same OSPAR regulation.

If you manufacture or use chemicals for the Energy Industry or if your activity might impact the marine environment, DERAC can offer you top quality scientific services for regulatory compliance based on its strong experience with marine ecotoxicology and risk assessment.


Our services


Our experience

  •  Monitoring of marine ecotox and biodegradation tests for Ospar registrations
  • Testing strategy development and intelligent study design including higher tier simulation tests to address the marine biodegradation of a substance toxic to micro-organisms.
  • Optimisation of monitoring efforts by bridging the gap between offshore chemicals and the biocide directive for offshore chemicals.
  • Meeting the Norwegian authorities for product defence
  • Participation to the ECETOC workshop on OECD 306 ring test development organised at CEFAS on Feb 2015.