DERAC is a scientific consultancy dedicated to Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals linking research and regulatory worlds. Founded by Dr Geneviève Deviller in 2016 after 20 years of professional experience in the service of research institutions, regulatory bodies and industry, DERAC has an unique and independent expertise in this field and can offer a range of high-quality services to customers from both the public and private sectors.

DERAC services to customers
DERAC services to customers

These include performing studies in ecotoxicity, environmental fate&behaviour and physico-chemistry, preparation of registration dossiers and their defence, modeling hazard (QSAR) and exposure, scientific representation with customers and the authorities, research funding support and scientific partnership, development of methods to assess risk and also training where required.

By listening to and working with our customers, we commit to delivering a quality service which meets your needs and priorities.  DERAC offers multilingual support (English, French, Spanish and Italian) and features collaborations with selected partners to provide the best service to customers.


May 2024 

I am very pleased to share these recently published publications to improve risk assessment of biological and chemical contaminants to which I have had the honor of being involved:


- Making Waves: The NORMAN Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Resistance Genes Database (NORMAN ARB&ARG) – an invitation for collaboration to tackle antibiotic resistance. This database aims to provide open occurence data sharing on antibiotic resistance in various environmental matrices.

Free reading and downloading of the full version until June 27, 2024!


- Enhanced Risk Assessment of Transformation Products through Chemical Similarity Analysis. A Viewpoint article about the possibilities of computational tools for similarity analysis to complement risk assessments for transformation products.

Open access article!