Research Partnership

Public and private financing institutions make substantial amounts of funds available to research organizations (e.g. European Commission Horizon 2020 and Cefic Long-range Research Initiative) but they are subject to specific rules and complex administrative processes. 

Our previous experience facilitates the knowledge of the different financing opportunities and relevant contacts to facilitate that your ideas are aligned with the interests and objectives of the financing institution and optimize your chances of success.


DERAC can also be involved,  as independent expert, in international multi-partner research projectsTasks that can been intrust to DERAC include identification of new research areas and partners in link with the regulations of chemicals, literature review, development of Intelligent Testing Strategies in the laboratory or in the field, implementation of the desk and experimental works, interpretation, publication and presentation of the results, training of professional staff or students.


A proposal will be developed by DERAC according to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your idea.

 Our services

  • Identify financing opportunities combining each initiative with the right program
  • Draft the documents of submission to call of tenders orienting and constructing ideas clearly and attractively
  • Act as a research partner in multi-disciplinary projets taking over ecotoxicological and environmental studies as well as risk assessment tasks
  • Valorisation of scientific results 

Our experience

DERAC has obtained the French research tax credit approval (Agrément CIR) for 2019 2020 and 2021.


During this 3 years period, our clients taxable in France will be able to benefit from a tax credit for 30% of the expenses incurred for services related to research.


Please contact us for more details on eligible work.